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Our brands

TM \"Pervocvit\"
TM "Pervocvit" has several product lines: 1. Spices and condiments. Our goods range includes more than 30 sorts. Our products are manufactured of the highest quality raw materials. 2. Confectionery additives. Among which there are social products: salt, baking soda, starch, powdered sugar, thickener, baking powder, cocoa and others. 3. Gelatin desserts include natural juice which makes the taste unique. 4. Canned products meet the needs in preparation of conventional and celebratory table of a professional chief-cooker and an ordinary consumer as well. 5. Soup mixes and garnishes will facilitate the work of housewives when cooking first and second courses.
TM \"Сhocolife\"
Gives pleasure to children and adults. TM "Chocolife" presents you instant cocoa drinks and corn sticks of various flavors. Only natural high quality components are used for manufacturing of the drinks. Chocolife products contain vitamins and minerals. Vitamins B containing allows replenishing their supply by regular use for breakfast with milk. Preparation of cocoa drink takes 1-2 minutes only. And corn sticks are ready to eat as a separate dish and also with tea, coffee, milk, juice or bouillon. Give yourself a treat at any time of day.
TM \"Richfield\"
Quality tea and coffee will give you a real pleasure and good mood. Tea "Richfield" contains natural additives of dried berries and leaves of plants which highlight the flavor bouquet of the product. Teabags "Richfield" with sugar is and exclusive tea drink, which will give you exceptional taste thanks to the harmonious combination of high-quality ingredients: tea and sugar. Botanical species of Arabica coffee (Colombia, Brazil) and Robusta (Vietnam, Cameroon, India) are used in the process of "Richfield" coffee production. To meet the needs of each customer we care about making the coffee taste harmonious and typical for each species.
TM \"Smachna kuhnja\"
We pack the spices in convenient packaging that preserves the freshness and flavor of the product for the long term. We produce seasonings and mixtures of spices without nutritional supplements (preservatives). Confectionery additives will allow you to cook delicious cakes. We offer gelatin desserts with cream and condensed milk which will bring back your childhood. TM "Smachna kuhnja" ("Delicious cuisine") kissel is a sweet dessert ready-to-cook drink, jelly alike. It is made of fruits, berries, juices and syrups. Canned peas and corn are of sweet species that are perfect for thermal treatment without losing the attractive appearance, and have the excellent taste properties.