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Grushevskogo str., 2a, Rivne
33003, Ukraine


"Rivne-Torg Ltd." owns the following trademarks: “Pervocvit”, “Smachna kuhnja” ("Delicious cuisine"), "Richfield", "Chocolife".
The company started its market activity in the autumn 2009. Analyzing the needs of consumers we expand the range of our products from year to year.
The product range includes more than 200 items:
- Condiments and spices;
- Soup mixes and garnishes;
- Canned products;
- Confectionery additives;
- Jelly desserts;
- Fruit jelly drinks;
- Tea and coffee;
- Instant cocoa drinks;
- Corn snacks.
The company directs its activity for creating the products which meets all the customers’ needs and the highest quality standards. We appreciate our customers trust thus our products are composed of natural components, unique recipes and high quality packaging. We provide our clients with advertising support, shop equipment and the exclusive right to represent our products in their region.
Our mission: Helping housewives to embody their culinary fantasies.
Our slogan : Let's feel the taste of life!